Juan Zapata Gomez

Welcome to my personal portfolio. I'm a developer at IBM Watson Assistant by day and a Full Stack Web Developer at night.




Served as the architect and developer for a professional road bike rental company based in Sydney, Australia. The application includes a Web Chat, Product Catalog, Admin Portal, User Profile, and much more!

E-Commerce, NextJS, PostgreSQL, Prisma, Auth0, MaterialUI

Google Clone

Google Clone

Fully functionable Google clone developed using the NextJS framework and TailwindCSS. The application is server-side rendered and outputs identical search results via the Google Search API.

NextJS, TailwindCSS, Google Search API

Hulu Clone

Hulu Clone

UX Hulu Clone created with TailwindCSS and NextJS framwork. Movies are rendered via the IMDb API. Includes pagination, filtering, image optmization, caching, and more!

NextJS, TailwindCSS, IMDB API



Experience with ReactJS, TailwindCSS, MaterialUI, Bootstrap, AngularJS and more!


SQL and NoSQL: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebase Realtime Database. Strapi CMS & Prisma ORM

Artificial Intelligence

IBM Watson Assistant, IBM Text-to-Speech, IBM Speech-to-Text, Google Facial Recognition.

About Me


IBM - Software Engineer Full Time

Design, develop, test and deliver offerings using leading edge and/or proven technologies. Work in an Agile, collaborative environment to understand stakeholder requirements. Design, code, and test innovative component-level software solutions. Ensure that the implemented solutions are unit tested and ready to be integrated into a product. Also debug customer-reported problems.

IBM - Internship

Full Stack Developer Intern. Architecture design and implementation lead for building out the Jira Access request capability within IBM Watson Health. Containerized NodeJS application utilizing Docker and a Kubernetes Cluster. Leveraged Atlassian Jira SDK to build a Jira REST Plugin. (May 2019 - Aug 2019)



Verto - Mobile Developer Intern

Developed a mobile application with React Native. Technologies include: Amazon Web Services, PassportJS, Chat Bot using AWS ElastiCache for Redis. (Feb 2019 - May 2019)

Livelo - Lead Software Developer

Full Stack Developer - Part Time. Create an E-Commerce Application for professional road bike rentals across 9 countries. Technologies used includes: NextJS, PostgreSQL, Auth0, Bootstrap, MaterialUI, & Prisma. (2018 - Present)



Covered Security - Internship

Full Stack Developer Intern. MEAN Stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS). Internship consisted of creating a Google Chrome browser extension that detects stored credit card information as you browse the web. (Mar 2017 - Sep 2017)

Started my journey

Attended Boston University and pursued a Bachelor's of Science degree in Computer Engineering. (2016-2020)